Solena: The Leader in Sustainable BioJetFuel

Solena Fuels has developed a sustainable synthetic fuel solution and business model that addresses the historical challenges faced by the alternative fuels market and waste management industry. Our prospective customers are facing a host of challenges. These challenges include those associated with relying on petroleum based fuels as well as industry specific trends and environmental regulations.

Solena’s sustainable synthetic fuel is a “drop-in” fuel that allows the aviation, maritime and road transportation industries to utilize a sustainable energy source without any modifications or changes to their engines or infrastructure. We will utilize a wide range of low-cost, carbon-bearing materials such as urban waste to produce our fuels.

Each of the aviation, maritime and road transportation industrial sectors are facing additional challenges unique to their industry that make our sustainable, near sulphur free fuel an attractive product.

We are pioneers in the sustainable Aviation, Marine and Road Fuels Market.


The aviation industry collectively combusts ~5.2 million barrels of jet fuel per day. Environmental and energy challenges to aviation companies include:

  1. the extreme difficulty of using any type of non-liquid fuel;
  2. the increased GHG effect of combusting fuels at higher altitudes;
  3. a multiplicity of regulatory requirements with respect to the characteristics and volume of liquid fuel consumed;
  4. increasing crude prices and crack spreads.

Solena offers aviation companies a carbon neutral jet fuel that allows them to cost effectively be more sustainable.


Shipping is the predominant method of moving goods around the world. The shipping industry collectively combusts, ~3.4 million barrels of fuel per day a vast majority of which is “bunker fuel”. Bunker fuel is the sulphur rich, heavier fraction of middle distillates and fuel oils that could not be legally combusted close to shore given their harmful health and environmental affects.

Recent regulations mandated by the IMO are beginning to regulate the quality of the fuel that maritime companies can utilize. Solena offers maritime companies the ability to be more sustainable and comply with IMO ultra-low sulfur regulations.


A combination of regulatory changes has led to the “dieselisation” of the transportation fuels market – an increasing amount of road transportation being powered by diesel fuels. When coupled with increasing crack spreads and commercial insurance cost, diesel fuel prices are expected to increase dramatically and are subject to sustainability requirements imposed on blenders.

According to OPEC’s World Oil Outlook 2012, diesel/gasoil demand is expected to be the second fastest growing petroleum end product in the industry increasing more than 35% through 2035. Solena offers a non-petroleum sourced, price competitive alternative to industrial end users and blenders of diesel fuels.