Our Solution

The Solena Fuels Solution

How Does it Work?

Solena’s Integrated Biomass-Gas to Liquid “IBGTL” solution is based on an industry-proven Fischer-Tropsch platform coupled with Solena’s proprietary high temperature plasma gasification technology to produce sustainable fuels from low carbon-bearing organic waste. Solena has developed best-of-breed relationships with world-leading technology and engineering companies to implement its IBGTL solution worldwide. As it addresses the substantial and rapidly growing demand for sustainable fuels at market prices for petroleum based fuels, Solena is considered a highly attractive solution and market leader in the sustainable synthetic fuels industry.

A unique characteristic of the IBGTL process is that it can handle a wide variety of feedstock and thus is completely “fuel flexible”. Unlike standard gasification technologies, Solena’s IBGTL process utilizes a powerful and independent heat source – plasma torches – and can thus accommodate varying heterogeneous feedstock. From an economic, technical and sustainable standpoint, our flexible fuel solutions tackles issues of supply chain while preserving an efficient readily available feedstock for our facilities. Our fuels are certified, drop-in, virtually sulfur-free and require no engine or infrastructure modifications.


The core of the IBGTL process is Solena’s Proprietary High Temperature Gasification Island (“SPGR”), which receives the waste biomass and efficiently converts it into a sustainable synthesis gas called BioSynGas. Solena’s patented SPGR was designed by our founder, Dr. Do, to be the most efficient mean of extracting the useful energy from more difficult heterogeneous biomass sources such as course, un-recyclable urban waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill due to other gasification processes not being able to effectively utilize the material. Solena’s process utilizes plasma torches as its heat source and such types of systems are in use around the world today.


“FT” is a chemical conversion process invented in the 1920s to covert synthesis gas into liquid fuels.  The industry today is dominated by large scale systems that convert natural gas and coal into FT fuels such as jet kerosene (FT-SPK) and diesel.  Importantly, FT derived fuels have been industry certified for decades and are in wide use by airlines and operators around the world.  As such, there is a high level of comfort within airlines and others to utilize FT fuels.  Solena has selected Velocys as its FT provider.  Velocys’ FT solution is a fixed-bed, microchannel system which allows for high efficiencies at small scales.  Within Solena’s IbgTL solution, Velocys’ FT reactors will convert the conditioned BioSynGas into FT waxes which are subsequently “cracked” into high value end products such as: jet, diesel and naphtha.

While the above represents a simple view of the two fundamental processing islands, Solena has undertaken years of integration work to maximize the gross and net efficiencies of the system while designing in redundancies and risk mitigation solutions into the plant. Solena has issued patents for its gasification system and has filed additional patents.

Why Solena?

“Solena offers aviation and shipping transportation companies a carbon neutral fuel alternative that is cost competitive with petroleum by using abundant renewable waste feedstocks!”

Dr. Robert T. Do
President & CEO
Solena Fuels Corporation